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Product name:Commerical Solar Post Light
These heavy-duty solar post lights well replaces the gas lamp or the electric cable defective lamp;and it's very easily to install your existing pole. The super bright LED bulbs provide 1000-2000 lumens output; which equal 100W-200W traditional garden lights.
Parameter Table
Model WT-04-08S WT-04-08H
Solar Panel 18V, 28Watt 18V, 40Watt
Battery Size 12V, 10Ah Lithium 12V, 12Ah Lithium
Kelvin/LED qty 6500K 30pcs 6500K 60pcs
LED Power ~1000lm / 9W ~1500lm / 15W
Working time 8-10 hours per night, overcome 1-2 cloudy day
Lighting mode 4 hours full power+4-6 hours half power
Lamp housing Thickness aluminum body&Tempered glass
Controller Automatically turn On/ Off in Night/Day
Protection IP65; Over charge/discharge protection
Function option Motion Sensor;Remote Controller
  • Coated galvanized steel and tempered glass
  • Li-ion battery handle over 1000 times cycles
  • Automatically turn the light on at dusk
  • Up to 16 hours of operation on a full charge
  • Fits 3 inch diameter pole;2-3 Meters high pole
  • lighting for parks; walkways; dock; farms etc.
  • Over 5 years working life
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