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Product name :Solar Power Bank
Solar portable power bank can apply USB 5V, DC 12V and 110V/220V AC power to your appliance and portable electronic, it's the ideal easy-to-move & use portable energy storage system supply solution to many activities at home, outdoor, and emergency.
Solar Portable Power Bank
Parameter Table
Max Output Power 200W 350W 550W
Battery Capacity Lithium-ion 172Wh Lithium-ion 288Wh Lithium-ion 720Wh
Output Waveform Modified Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave
Size&Weight 200*105*165mm; 2.5kg 200*105*165mm; 2.9kg 285*125*185mm; 6.1KG
AC Output Tech 110V-120V 60Hz; AC220V 50-60Hz;
DC Output Tech DC12V/2A*4; USB:5V/2A*2; QC3.0*2 (quick charge)
Charger Option Solar PV:16-18V/50W; AC:100-240V; DC: 14.4V/3A;
Battery Technical Battery Management System; Cycle>1000times
Warranty 3 year full system; over 5 years life span
  • Multi Charging Ports-4xDC Ports; 4xUSB Ports; 1xAC Port
  • Powerful Battery Packs-support laptops, CPAP, fan, TV, lamp etc.
  • Easily Rechargeable-any 110V/220V AC outlet or 50W solar power
  • Safety Guaranteed-BMS System and Lithium-ion has no fire issue
  • Portable-light weight and emergency backup at home and camping
  • Long Service Life-over 5 years working (1000 times recycle)
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