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Product name :Solar Bag Charger
This Sunpower cell solar bag charger is highest efficiency cell in the world, 20-25%, 1.5 times faster charging than market solar panel. It great for charging phone, laptops and 10V-85V all types of batteries.
Sunpower Cell Solar Folding Bag
Parameter Table
Max Power 14Watt 28Watt 120Watt 240Watt
DC Output 5V*2.1A 5V,12V,19V 20V*6A 40V*6A
Floding Size 29*17*2.5cm 29*17*4.5cm 45*30*5cm 45*31*8cm
Open Size 52*29*1.8cm 85*29*1.8cm 97*87*1.8cm 200*87*1.8cm
Material PET+SUNPOWER Cell+900D Fabric
Working Temp. -20-70 degrees Celsius; IP65
Application Smartphones/Laptop/Battery etc.
Output Port USB, SAE, DC connectors, Car Charger, Clips etc
Warranty 1 year full system; over 7 years life span
  • Folds up to 30cm x 17cm for easy storage
  • Soft Edges - Travels well no sharp edges
  • Flexible -Cell can flexibly up to 30 degree
  • Two USB 5V port well charge phones, GPS, cameras etc
  • Work with Controller compatible all kinds of batteries
  • Corrosion-resistant ETFE sealing for 20 years service life
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