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Product name :Solar Street Lighting
These solar powered integrated lights are easy installation, the big lithium battery fixed inside of lamp housing, which is convenient for transportation. These solar lamp brightness is equivalent 10W-100W AC powered LED lamp.
Model: Antirust Steel Model
Model: Aluminum Alloy Model
Parameter Table
Solar Panel 16V, 12Watt 16V, 45Watt 16V, 80Watt 16V, 100Watt
Battery Size 8.4V, 6.6Ah Lithium 12.6V, 22Ah Lithium 12.6V, 26Ah Lithium 12.6V, 50Ah Lithium
Kelvin/LED qty 6500K 28pcs 6500K 96pcs 6500K 114pcs 6500K 196pcs
LED Power ~900lm / 10W ~3000lm / 30W ~4000lm / 40W ~7000lm / 70W
Working model 50%+100% (before midnight) ;30%+50% (after midnightt)
Working time 10-12 hours per night, overcome 3-5 cloudy day
Lamp housing Antirust Steel / Aluminum Alloy material/
Controller Automatically turn On/ Off in Night/Day
Protection IP65; Over temperature protection
Warranty 3-5 years full solar light
  • Stainless Installation Screws & Hoop
  • Up to 20 hours operation on full charge
  • 3-8Meters height intallation on wall/pole
  • Automatic on and off control
  • Battery contained inside lamp
  • Water&dust-proof; IP65
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