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--How the Solar Air Conditioner Working
The AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner has intelligent power management. The power from solar panel priority supply directly to indoor&outdoor fan motor and compressor. When the solar power is not sufficient, the system automatically switch to AC power supply. The MPPT controller system installed inside outdoor unit, you just plug MC4 of solar panel on the outdoor unit.

--How the Solar Water Heaters Working
The layer of glass tube absorb the sunshine and heat up water inside tubes. The hot water would automatically move up to the top of tube and flows into the storage tank; the cooler water would automatically move down to the bottom tube. Because hot water density lighter than the cooler water, so this hot and cold water moving & exchange again and again; finally, the water of storage tank are heated it.

--How to change the old battery of solar lights
We recommend that Lithium battery replaced every 4-6 years, depending upon climate and usage etc. If the light begin to illuminate dimly or for shorter durations of time, you should replace the rechargeable batteries.

1. Take a screw driver and take out the four screws that hold the back housing onto the light.
2. Take off back housing gently and softly to avoid damaging the wires.
3. Unscrew the two screws and remove the strap that hold the battery down.
4. Pull out the wires connecting to circuit board from battery terminals of the battery .
5. Take off the old battery.
6. Replace new battery of same kind and capacity.
7. Screw the strap back down with one Phillips head screw.
8. Connect the two wires to the Red terminal and the Negative terminal of the battery. Be sure connecting to polarities are correct.
9. Then screw back cover on tightly with the other four screws.
Turn off switch when unit is not working. Please disconnect water-proof connector when the unit is not being charged. To prolong the battery life, the unit must be charged once or twice a month when the unit is not used.
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